The 4 Types of Air Duct Cleaning Customers - Which one are you?

  • The Price Conscious

The Price Conscious customer will make sure they’re getting the best value for their Air Duct Cleaning. They usually reach out to a couple companies before making a final decision. They might google for “Best Air Vent Cleaners for Your Home”, “Affordable Prices HVAC Duct Cleaning” or similar terms in their area. 

Moreover, they are very likely to also go with the Dryer Vent Cleaning in order to save time and money. Since the technician is already on their property, he or she is able to give you a better price than just ordering this type of cleaning alone. 

Our recommendation: Book your service during the slower season (winter time) to get the best rates. Also, make sure to receive a complete system inspection while your technician is onsite. In that way, you will be saving with future repairs by identifying any small issues before they become a big problem. 

  • The New Neighbors 

These air cleaning customers just got a new home! YAY! …Until they realize that by doing so, they just dropped 39012893 items on their to-do list. Likewise, they will be in constant communication with home improvement specialists during the first few weeks of the move. 

They might be stressed and overwhelmed with the entire process. And in terms of timeframe, they want to prioritize getting the cleaning done either before or during the very first days after they move in. The reason for that is that if they have children, elderly folks or anybody with respiratory problems in the household, dirty air ducts could make their symptoms worse. 


Our recommendation: Choose a company that is a one-stop duct cleaning service, meaning that they will be able to address your air duct, dryer vent and chimney. As a result, you won’t need to deal with multiple people while you can have it done all at once.

  • The “What’s an air duct anyways?” 

Above all, if you identify with this category, you should definitely hire a reliable company to avoid unnecessary charges. In that way, you are reassured to get an experienced technician that will be able to provide you with the CORRECT information and not try to scam you into paying for a service you don’t need. 

Air Duct Cleaning can range from $159 to $599, but what is included in the cleaning could vary tremendously depending on the company. Reading the fine print of the website or estimate is a great start, however also asking the person who is going to perform the service directly can definitely save you a headache. Checking online reviews is always a plus! 

Our recommendation: With this one, the best advice we can give you is to give us a call at (855)289-8899 so we can explain to you the purpose of the different types of vent and duct you might have at your home. It’s free, low-pressure and you don’t need to order anything from us until you’re 100% comfortable and informed. 

  • The On Top of their Business customer 

For instance, when asked “What was the last time you got your air ducts cleaned?” the On Top of their Business customer will know at least the month and year the service was last performed at their property. Because they keep all their home maintenance up-to-date, they might even have an appointment previously scheduled from the last technicians’ visit.

By sustaining a good relationship with their cleaning company, they are more likely to get the best workers, occasional discounts or freebies and more flexibility when scheduling. In the same vein, they provide feedback by filling out surveys and posting online reviews since they know that it has a direct impact on how other people will see the business.

Our recommendation: If you feel like this represents you, just keep being the best! Now, if you want to be more like this kind of client, start adding the upkeep dates to an online calendar. When booking with a new service provider, ask if they have any loyalty or maintenance programs.

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