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Manage Mold In Your House

To Protect Your Family’s Health

This is about getting mold back to its natural levels, and mold usually gets out of hand when there’s a significant amount of moisture. Mold can be detrimental to your health, causing respiratory diseases, allergic reactions and, in some cases, death. That’s why we’re so passionate about identifying the mold and tackling the cause to get it under control in your household.

While it’s a fallacy to propose that we can completely remove the mold, since mold cannot be removed entirely, we know exactly what to do to get it to normal levels so your family isn’t placed at risk. We will execute our process with minimal disruptions and make sure we thoroughly clean every nook and cranny in your home.

The Benefits

The Service

The first step is working out what role moisture is playing in the mold growth, and to discover the extent of the contamination. We may also discover hidden mold you weren’t even aware of.
After this, we repair the water problem that is leading to excess moisture and isolate the areas that have mold to prevent the rest of the house from becoming contaminated. Then, we clean all the moldy areas using a wire brush and scrub all moldy surfaces. From there, we can wipe them using a damp cloth and detergent, rinsing it with clean water once we’re done.
The cleaned areas are also thoroughly dried with fans and dehumidifiers to get rid of any moisture.

Bonus Features

Extra-Clean Service Option

Extra-Clean Service Option

You can select our “extra-clean” option which, apart from our standard disinfectants, involves the application of additional disinfectants and antimicrobials that will prevent the growth of mold in the future.



We will even help you with your insurance claims, since we can attest to the extent of the mold based on our assessment.



Sometimes, we can only get to the hidden mold by taking apart aspects of your property which we will gladly help you repair. Our technicians will conduct an assessment and give you a quote for the proposed repairs.

Why Choose Us?

And If you’re not happy with the results, we will come and fix it again at NO CHARGE!

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